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Online Bingo presents a range of game styles, such as the traditional 90-ball, the 80-ball, the 75-ball, and the brisk 30-ball. Major providers encompass Blueprint, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and Dragonfish. Engaging in free online bingo facilitates learning, exploration, and the ability to play multiple cards simultaneously without any expense.

- Different types of games
- Easy to play from anywhere
- Internet problems can disrupt the game
- Requires quick reaction time for dynamic play

The Best Casinos

Best Online Bingo Sites

In our choice of online bingo sites in Ireland, we’ve researched the best casinos, and here’s a list that will help you earn exclusive bonuses, play a wide selection of games and variations, promotions, banking options, and others. Please have a look at it.


225% up to €2,000

+100 Free Spins

100% up to $500

+300 Free Spins


100% up to €500


100% up to €200

+100 Free Spins


370% up to €3,000

+225 Free Spins

How to Play Bingo: Basic Rules

In Ireland, bingo is played as a form of a lottery that works with numbers and tickets. Here is how the game goes:

The bingo ticket has 27 spaces that are made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbers and 4 empty spaces, and each column contains 3 numbers each. Below is a list showing how these take place:

  • 1st Column. Includes numbers 1 to 9 or 10.
  • 2nd Column. Contains numbers — either 10 – 19 or 11 – 20.
  • 3rd Column. Contains numbers 20 – 29 or 21 – 30. This continues to the last column, which has numbers 80 – 90 or 81 – 90.

The tickets come up in sets of 6, meaning the player can mark any number between 1 to 90 so long as it appears in the six tickets purchased.

Wagering Requirements for Online Bingo

The wagering requirement refers to the amount a player has to spend when a website gives a bonus. When playing online bingo, you need to be aware of the wagering requirements, which is a multiple of the bonus.

Let’s say you received the bonus from an online slot spin. Then it could also include a deposit to make any winnings. As such, you will be required to deposit before being allowed to withdraw any winnings that came in as a bonus.

It is important to confirm the online casino's terms and conditions before you start playing. The reason is that you may sometimes be prompted to make a deposit equivalent to 15x your initial balance. This means you must deposit €150 before depositing the €10 with a 100% welcome bonus.

Different Variations of Online Bingo

Since its inception, bingo has continued to improve its way of playing and has become an exciting game that you can play over the internet, using your smartphone, laptop, or TV. This has led to many variations to ensure things remain fresh. Bingo games are differentiated by the number of balls or the pattern of players; here are some popular variations.

90-Ball Bingo

This is a classic and traditional game that is popular online. Its tickets come in a 9x3 grid, each containing 15 numbers between 1 and 90. This variation offers three prizes whose goal is to go for two lines and a full house. As the prize increases, the given wins cap becomes difficult to achieve the required goals.

80-Ball Bingo

Also known as Coverall Bingo, 80-Ball has increased its popularity with time. It comes in a set of 4x4 grids and 16 numbers. These numbers range between 1-80. This variation has one prize only- you need to match and mark the 16 numbers you pick before any other player.

75-Ball Bingo

This variation is also known as pattern Bingo. It comes with a set of 5x5 grids ranging between 1-75. In some cases, pattern bingo is a coverall game of 75-ball. The expectation is to match a specific vertical, horizontal or diagonal pattern as announced before the game's onset, and you must match before any other player to win.


If you want to make win online bingo, you must understand the patterns that will earn you prizes when playing. These patterns are: Lines, T’s, U’s, Square, Diamond, Blackout.

The Strategy of Online Bingo

Like any other online casino game, Bingo is about taking chances. But then, if you want to win real money, you need to strategize and improve your winning odds. First of all, take charge of your bankroll. And to avoid losing money initially, we recommend you play free games before entering into real gaming.

On the other hand, ensure that you have enough time allocated for your bingo games- this is because bingo games take a longer period than slot games.

If you are an Irish player, consider these bingo strategies below if you want to make real money.

Multiple Bingo Cards

Using as many bingo cards as possible can be a great strategy for making great winnings. However, most sites do not allow for this method. On the other hand, clubs have strict restrictions on the same, and each player is slotted several cards per game.

However, most fast withdrawal casinos allow players to have as many as 250 cards per game. The more cards you have, the higher your chances of hitting the bingo before the other players. However, this comes with an additional cost.

The Tippet Bingo Theory

L.H.C. Tippet’s complex analysis of randomness states that as the random sample increases in size, the result comes closer to the population value. In this case, the ability for one to win bingo is through having more numbers called in the game, and the overall median number will determine these numbers.

Bearing this in mind, it is critical to adapt a strategy for longer games and choose the bingo cards close to the median number.

Network Rooms VS Exclusive Bingo Rooms

The exciting part of bingo sites is that most share the same network. This means that players can compete with different players across the networks, not necessarily from the sites they have signed up with. This comes with many benefits, some of them being able to interact with many people promoting the spirit of socialness, talking and playing.

Network players usually have higher jackpots compared to playing with specified sites and more money in the prize pot.

Since the best bingo sites share the network, players can play the same games on various new gambling websites and make multiple winnings. But, as much as this can be fun, the more players in the game lowers your chances of winning. Again, you can lose chat messages easily if the game is really busy.

Now, this is the network. But you can also use the exclusive room to play bingo with selected players. In this case, the jackpot prize is lower, with few social interactions. However, the winning chances in the exclusive room are much higher than in the network room.

Community and Chat Rooms

When playing bingo, most players are looking for that jackpot prize and want to make new friends, chat and meet a community of like-minded people.

It does not matter whether you are playing the game on your smartphone or desktop- the result is that you socialize as you make some bucks by the end of the day.

To make this more interesting, there is a bingo chat moderator who will keep communications alive in terms of updating who the winners are in each game and informing the players of the activities in the room.

Besides, they go the extra mile by running quizzes and competitions to make the game more interesting, which in the long run, can help you win more bonuses and prizes.

Whether you’re playing desktop or mobile, engaging with other players and enjoying the same game is the ideal scenario. There should also be a good chat moderator who keeps the conversation flowing, announces the winners of each game, and lets customers know what is happening in some of the other bingo rooms.

Bingo chats have indeed been where friendships are made, and our specialists keep researching the best bingo sites whose social norm is top-notch for creating friendships and making money. Our preferred sites have an option in the chat where you can add friends to enhance this aspect.

Bingo Odds of Winnings

While bingo games come with several variants, each of them comes with varied winning odds and the house edge. To understand this better, we have analyzed the popular variants below:

Bingo Odds Table
Bingo Game Bingo Odds House Edge
American Bingo Online Have one in 100 Roughly 40% though depends on the bingo card numbers
90-ball bingo Depends on the number of rounds Dependent on the bingo card numbers and patterns
80-ball bingo Banks on the bingo players playing rounds The results are counted on the volume of cards played
60-ball bingo It is determined by the number of games played by the bingo players Depends on the number of bingo cards bought
30-ball bingo Cunts on the winning patterns of the bingo game Determined by the number of bingo cards

Online Bingo Strategies

Online bingo casinos is all about probability. As a bingo player, it depends on the extent that you execute your strategy. If you execute the right bingo strategy, then your winnings get higher. Some of these strategies are:

Graville’s Theory

The theory was invented by Joseph Granville, which states that all bingo numbers have the same chance of being called. This motivates players to buy more cards with a variety of numbers.

The assumption is that if one number is called, chances are that a similar number also reduces to get a win.

Tippets Theory

This is another well-known bingo strategy that Leonard Tippet invented, and it was based on the number’s randomness. Such bingo players need to detect the median number or the perfect average. Tippets theory assumes that the more numbers are drawn, the probability of reaching the ideal average (Median).

Divide and Conquer

This theory considers that the more you play, the more chances you have of winning bingo. On the same note, the more cards you play with, the higher the chances of getting higher payouts.

However, the strategy is usually found in online bingo halls with few players, though ticket costs are also higher.

Offline VS Online Bingo

One is free to choose offline or online bingo when you decide to play bingo. The result of both is that they have good payouts, and you can enjoy your time playing the game. However, though similar, some differences exist. These are as shown here below:

Offline VS Online Bingo Table
Offline Bingo Online Bingo
Location 📌 Fixed 🚗 Varied
Game Speed ⮟ Low ⮝ High
Baringo Variants ✅ Available ✅ Available
Socializing 😍 Present 😍 Present
Free Bingo Play ❌ Not available ✅ Available
Dauber ✅ Available ✅ Available

Top Tips on How to Win Bingo Online

While there are a variety of bingo variants, each of them has its own rules. However, there is a general format that they follow, in our research, we came out with the best tips as described below.

Always Choose the Right Bingo Strategy
Always Choose the Right Bingo Strategy

Determining the right strategy to maximize your winning odds will help you plan on your bankroll. However, bingo players are free to switch strategies while still playing.

The Best Time to Play is During Peak Hours
The Best Time to Play is During Peak Hours

Evenings and weekends are the best times to play bingo. Note that when many bingo players are online, they reduce your winning chances though if you win, you stand a chance to win jackpots.

Take Charge of your Bingo Bank Roll
Take Charge of your Bingo Bank Roll

Managing your bankroll greatly impacts your stay in the virtual bingo hall. It will also help you know the number of bingo cards you can purchase as you implement the strategies.

Buy Many Tickets
Buy Many Tickets

Having many tickets in your possession gives you the advantage of increasing your winning odds.

Understand the Rules
Understand the Rules

Understanding the rule of each variant in bingo games will help you gain confidence and master the game. Play free online games to help you gain confidence.

Bingo Glossary

If you are a bingo player, it is important that you understand the most used bingo lingo for the different variants. Below are some of the terms used.

  • Free Space Number: this is a unique number stationed in the free space square.
  • Face Card: refers to a Bingo card with 24 numbers.
  • Game Pattern: the number of square shapes bingo players must form to make a pattern.
  • On: is the number of bingo cards in a bingo sheet.
  • Series: a group of bingo cards in session through ranges.
  • Strip: these refer to three bingo cards that are aligned horizontally.
  • Book: a collection of strip bingo cards.
  • Blackout: a pattern where you mark all bingo card numbers on the card.
  • Buy-in: refers to purchasing bingo cards.
  • Dauber: this is a term used for a pattern where you mark all bingo cards.
  • Moonlight Bingo: a bongo game that is played late at night.
  • Payout: refers to the amount of money withdrawn by a bingo player.
  • Split Spot: this is the prize won, and the player splits winnings within the house.

Based on my observations, playing bingo is what you need if you enjoy the fun of making real money. Irish online bingo is one of the games not to be missed and is available at most online casinos. You can play with your friends and make new friends in chat rooms, but follow the rules and regulations. I hope this guide was helpful, and you can always reflect on our list.

Yes, it is super easy to play bingo games on mobile Android and iOS devices. You can play directly on the website using apps such as the bingo Blitz App.
Absolutely. The chat rooms are easy to use and available to every player. Each player uses their username to view incoming messages or chat with friends.
Indeed, online bingo works the same way as land-based bingo. However, there may be a difference. For instance, land-based bingo involves physical human interaction, but when it comes to online bingo, the game follows the guidance of the Random Number Generator.