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Blackjack online constitutes an exhilarating card game wherein surpassing dealer card values without exceeding 21 points aimed for. Accessible across myriad developed variants inclusive of American, European and Vegas Strip versions, free and real money gameplay enabled. Identification of mobile and live dealer functionalities critical for memorable engagement. Strategic bonus utilisation and informed stand thresholds optimize play.

- Rules are simple
- Real money prizes offered
- Popularity owes to good odds
- Live dealer interaction enabled

Irish online blackjack

The Best Blackjack Casinos

Quick Overview of Playing Blackjack

Knowing the rules is seen as critical for having fun and success, whether starting with blackjack casinos or having experience playing the game.

  • The objective of attaining 21 with a dealt hand is set for the player. Still, winning is seen if the closest number to 21 is attained, but exceeding 21 sees the player out.
  • Two cards are handed to the player by the dealer, seen as the starting point as 21 is attempted with subsequent hands dealt.
  • Holding onto the cards or requesting another to attain the winning value can be done. Players find deciding what to do challenging when card totals are between 12 to 16.
  • Play by the casino (the dealer) follows afterward, and the same rules are followed. The round is won if house totals do not exceed the player's, meaning the player is seen as the closest to 21.
  • Most times, an additional card is not asked for by the dealer if totals are 17 or above. But another card is asked for if totals are 16 or less.

Best Casino Sites with Blackjack

Before signing up with an online Irish casino platform to play blackjack, it is best to consider the game rooms available. Having varieties will help you find a game you are good at and enhance the experience. Our list of the best casino sites in 2024 can help you find a suitable one in Ireland.


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Blackjack Card Values

Blackjack game does not have combinations with each hand the casino deals. So, you do not need to remember the value you get since it will not be the same in subsequent hames. However, you can learn the card values to strategize on attaining 21 or coming as close as possible to guarantee winnings.

  • The numbers on the cards will be their value. For example, 5 will be valued at 5, and so on.
  • Cards with faces (King, Queen, and Jack) are worth 10 each.
  • Ace's value is 11, but they are worth 1 if the total worth in one hand exceeds 21.

Blackjack Game Variants

Blackjack is popular with gamblers from across the globe, and it is why there are more than 100 different variations of the classical blackjack game. The game has evolved with developers considering the player's needs with their new releases. There are variants with more players than the original version. Below are the most popular ones:

Blackjack Surrender
Blackjack Surrender

It does not differ much from the classic blackjack game. However, a player can surrender after the first two cards. The casino will refund half of the wagering amount if you submit, thus lowering the house edge.

Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Switch

Players will play for two hands simultaneously before they can change any of the four cards they will have. You can switch the card at the top from every hand dealt. Blackjack switch allows players to have a side bet if the cards have pairs (one or two) or if three cards are similar.

Live Blackjack
Live Blackjack

Suppose you want a similar experience to land-based casinos. In that case, live blackjack will have a human being dealing cards in an online casino. Players can join using a link and play against others online. People can socialize and interact while playing live blackjack.

Atlantic City
Atlantic City

Originating from Atlantic City, the blackjack variant rules differ from the original version. Sites will allow players to switch cards a maximum of three times. Still, a dealer can check if they have a blackjack after stopping at 17.

European Blackjack
European Blackjack

It is a European variant with the cards in two decks and will not have a hole card. The rules do not allow doubling down. Unlike the American version, you can only double down when having cards 9, 10, and 11 in a European blackjack hand.

Perfect Blackjack
Perfect Blackjack

It is suitable for real money casino gaming. Players can place a side bet on themselves, the dealer, or both getting two similar cards. The payout can be as high as x25 of the wagering amount by getting a perfect pair with the first hand dealt.

Blackjack House Edge and RTP

People play at blackjack casinos for fun. Still, the new gaming sites are in the business for profit: They will have an advantage when users play for cash prizes on their sites. It is what we refer to as house edge. Return-to-player (RTP) is the percentage of the wagering amount an online casino returns to players as winnings. The remaining ratio is the house edge and is what the service provider takes as profits.

The outcome of playing blackjack for real money will depend on the house edge and RTP. Both components' ratios differ depending on the game variant or game developer. Reputable blackjack casinos will provide information on their games, RTP, and the house edge. Still, Irish gamblers can get the information on online review sites.

Additional Blackjack Rules Options

Knowing the options is seen to help with winning at a casino. The additional things to know are:

  • A blackjack split is seen if two similar cards are gotten by a player. The cards can be split by the player to play two hands. Differences in rules are seen depending on the gaming site.
  • A blackjack double down is seen when a player doubles their wager. However, use of the option is only seen when having two cards. Doubling of the initial bet through winnings is seen by doubling down.
  • Insurance is seen if an ace is the first card shown by a dealer. A bet on the blackjack can be made by a player with the insurance bet. With the insurance bet, winning is seen if the dealer receives the blackjack, but if the dealer does not get it, the payout goes to the casino.
Blackjack Rules
Dealer's open card Chance to win, %
🂡  A 11,65%
🂮  K, 🂭  Q, 🂫  J, 🂺  10 21,43%
🂹  9 23,34%
🂸  8 23,86%
🂷  7 25,99%
🂶  6 42,08%
🂵  5 42,89%
🂴  4 40,28%
🂳  3 37,56%
🃒  2 35,30%

Risk of Losing

Risk of Losing Table
The player's hand and his score Risk of losing, %
12 31%
13 39%
14 56%
15 58%
16 62%
17 69%
18 79%
19 85%
20 92%

Real Money Blackjack VS Free Games

Casinos with Blackjack will have free games or require players to deposit money before accessing the game. You will not get any payout by choosing the former option. The latter will be more accessible as online live casinos do not ask for large deposits. Let us look at the two types.

Real Money Blackjack Games

  • It offers access to the best blackjack game variants
  • Players can accumulate winnings and fast withdraw the money
  • The casinos offer bonuses to new players upon signing up
  • The wagering requirements are standard
  • Betting small amounts allow players to play for more rounds
  • Real-money blackjack games have frequent tournaments and promotions with amazing prizes

Free Blackjack Games

  • You can play the games without registering with an online casino
  • They are ideal when trying out new blackjack variants or sites
  • You do not spend any money to play
  • You do not get a payout on winnings
  • The terms and conditions are strict
  • There are limited game varieties

How Much Cards are Worth at Blackjack

Here is information to help you calculate your cards value:

Cards Value
What is the worth of cards 2 to 10?  Each card's worth is the same as its numerical value.
How much are the cards with faces worth?  The king, queen, and jack cards are worth 10.
What is Ace's worth?  It can either be 11 or 1.

Blackjack Odds and Payout

It would help to know the factors affecting your winnings while playing for real money at casino. In our previous section, we learned about house edge and RTP, including their impact on winnings. Now we will evaluate the odds and payout of the blackjack game. The house edge is 0.5%, which is a positive thing: The winning and push chances will be 42.22% and 8.48%, respectively. Here is how they pay:

Blackjack Payouts
Push Refund of bet
Normal win 1:1
Blackjack 3:2
Flush 5:1
Straight 10:1
Three of a kind 30:1
Straight flush 40:1
Suited trips 100:1

Terms for Playing Blackjack Online

Before diving into the game, you should familiarise yourself with the basic terms of the game.

  • Blackjack: it is the winning combination, which is 21. The payout is high for two cards with the value.
  • Bust/Break: when a player's card total value exceeds 21, they have lost the round.
  • Count: adding the card numbers in every hand.
  • Dealer: a casino representative that takes your bet and deals the cards. You play against a dealer on online sites.
  • Deck Penetration: The number of hands before deck reshuffling.
  • Double down: Asking for an additional card, and your wager doubles if you win.
  • Hand: The cards a player holds after each round.
  • Hit: asking the dealer to get another card.
  • Push: when a round between the player and dealer ends as a draw. Also known as a stand-off or no-win.
  • Round: a playing cycle where the dealer gives cards, bets are placed, and payout for winners.
  • Shoe: it is the box holding cards on the table from which the hands are dealt.
  • Stand: when a blackjack player is satisfied with their card value and does not want another one.
  • Surrender: forfeiting a hand while the game is in progress. A player loses half of their bet amount.

Tips for Playing Blackjack

Use these strategies to play responsibly and win playing blackjack online:

  • Budget for betting money and have a limit to the amount you can spend at an online casino in Ireland.
  • Have a time limit. Besides your finances, time management is part of responsible gambling.
  • Split two 8s. 16 is considered the worst value, and it would help to split two 8s in hand.
  • Double down when with two 5s. Avoid splitting the pair as it adds to 10. You can get blackjack or come closest by requesting another card.
  • Know the best time to stand. If you have a card value of 17 and above. Still, you can stand if your cards are worth between 12 to 16 and the dealer has a total of 2 to 6.
  • Instance to hit. When a dealer's hand is above 7, your card value is between 12 and 16.
  • Play at a secure and user-friendly site. Use our guide to identify the best blackjack casino sites in Ireland.

When To Hit, Stand, Double Down, or Split

A round in the casino with Blackjack game starts with a dealer giving two cards after taking the bet. Players have four options; you can opt to hit, stand, double down, or split. It depends on the value of your cards and what the dealer has. Winning will not only rely on the cards you have, but you have to be cautious of the dealer's cards. Here are insights to help you make the right decision:

  • When to hit. When your card value is 14 or less, requesting the dealer for an additional card in the current hand is advisable. The objective is to get a higher value to come close or attain the blackjack and not to bust.
  • When to stand. It is a choice not to seek additional cards. Ensure to check what the dealer has before deciding to stand. Also, it is best to choose the option when your cards are worth 15 or more. Your card value must exceed the dealer's to win.
  • When to double down. The choice only lets the dealer give a player one more card and doubles the bet. Double down when having cards valued at 10 or 11. It prevents busting even if a player gets one of the face cards or an ace.
  • When to split. If the cards dealt are a pair, you can have them in different hands, and the bet doubles. They get additional cards for each hand and play both as usual. Still, you can choose to hit, stand, or double down.

The findings are seen to show that online blackjack is a very exciting and strategic digital card game. With the goal of surpassing the dealer's value by not exceeding 21, and the possibility of a "push" that returns the original bet, uncertainty is maintained in an exciting way. A variety of versions, from American to Vegas Strip, are seen to offer a varied gaming experience. Enhancement of this enjoyment is further seen through the convenience of mobile games and real-time interaction with dealers. Being sure to choose the right casino and version of the game, take advantage of bonuses and know when to stop are seen for a balanced and rewarding blackjack experience.

Forfeiting a round is seen as something that differs Blackjack from other casino games for players. Opting out of a round is allowed by the surrender option after realising the cards at hand have a low winning chance. Only half of the wager is seen to be lost. Sometimes a lucky gambler's fortunes changing is seen if the option is not taken.
The maximum payout for getting a blackjack at the original game version is seen as 3:2. For example, a $30 profit would be won if $20 was bet. Higher ratios of 2:1 or 3:1 are seen with other variants.
Doing so is seen as definitely possible. However, keeping up with a computer utilized by an online casino for dealing cards is seen as challenging. Rounds are automatic, and immediate reshuffling of the deck is seen