The Best Mobile Casinos

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There has been a rapid change worldwide and in Ireland in particular about playing online casino games. Online players are now using their smartphones and tablets, and companies are going for award-winning apps or browsers. High-speed internet and convenient payment methods are some of the factors that have led to constant improvements. Now Irish players can get down to their mobile devices, sign up with the casino of choice and enjoy various games.

The Best Casinos

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Those casinos that were top-rated on desktop websites are reinventing themselves to match up with the technology. We have enlisted the best Irish mobile casinos, which will offer a fantastic experience to both new and experienced players.

Last updated:

up to €2,000

+100 Free Spins

Last updated:

225% up to €2,000

+100 Free Spins

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up to $ 2,000

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Introduction to the Mobile Casino World

Looking back on past years, a mobile phone was rare. But it soon hit the market, and there was so much excitement when one could make a call home or send an SMS, and within a minute, you get feedback on what one wanted. The technology space was reinvented, and the old mobile phones changed to smartphones. This was the birth of great and better things.

Today we can talk, exchange money through mobiles, enter into sports betting and play online casinos using one gadget. The old casinos had to change their traditional mentality and use the mobile approach to retain customers. Failure to do this could call for a fallout. They are now equipped with an app or an active casino website.

Because casinos are meant to offer players a great positive experience in the gaming field, think of an instance where it fails to meet the player's expectations. This could be a result that their service could be more friendly. Check our list of the best mobile casinos above where you can choose any that matches your needs and expectations.

The Role of HTML5

Initially, there was a perception that it would become a challenge to adapt to the mobile world when it came to playing casino games. But thanks to the introduction of HTML5, a technology developed in such a way that the developers could design a game for one system but could also fit on the screens of other devices such as laptops, mobile, and desktops. This has made close to all phones become mobile-friendly for casino games.

On the same note, there was a perception that online casino games would face a challenge when using mobile devices due to their tiny screens. But with the one-finger-gaming feature, this happens to be a thing of the past, and now, playing mobile casinos is as simple as sending a text message.

The essence of switching from a desktop to a mobile could look similar, but on a closer look, you might find some features designed to make mobile playing more friendly.

Types of Mobile Casino Games

Gambling on a mobile phone can be fun, though the choice for mobile may not be as in-depth as those of conventional online casinos. But we can assure you that the field of iPhone and Android casinos is growing. Some of the games found here are:

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Live dealer
  • Poker

Mobile VS Desktop

We understand the fact that digesting a new technology takes a while. But then, if we compare mobile and desktop, we will find reasons for moving to mobile. But can you switch off entirely to mobile? You can use both methods though when it comes to portability, the mobile casino outweighs the latter.

When checking on mobiles to use, many casinos have developed apps that you can download, sign up and play on your phone instantly. This is different for desktops. You will need to log in and concentrate on the laptop, which may be more tedious than the mobile process.

Another issue is that some players may need an optimal search for varied mobile games. The good news is that mobile games are growing fast, and the gap is almost closing. Major sites are now offering a variety of them to ensure you enjoy the entire experience.

If we evaluate these two, mobile games are now the leaders of desktop players, and the statistics show that soon, casinos will fully implement mobile tactics for a better experience as technology evolves.

Mobile Sites VS Gambling Apps

Generally, online casino sites are less intrusive as they do not require a download and are more inclusive of users as they can be used on any device. However, mobile apps are becoming more and more user-friendly and ergonomic, so the choice is up to the player and will depend on their personal preferences and style of play.

Mobile Site

👍 Does not require any downloads

👎 Easy to sign up for but not very friendly for daily use

👍 Does not require any storage space

👎 Minimal personalization and customization

👍 The player has access from any device

👍 Full casino and pokies offer

👍 Personal information is safe and secure


👎 Need to be downloaded

👍 Takes time to sign up but is fast and efficient for everyday use

👎 Consumes your device's storage space

👍 Advanced personalization and customization

👎 You can only use the device you have downloaded the app in. Otherwise, an additional installation is required

👍 Full casino and pokies offer

👍 Personal information is safe and secure

Tips How to Find the Best Mobile Casinos

With the increase in the number of casinos for Irish players, there is also a need to be careful and watch out for what to consider. Let's see what is best for now.

License and Secure
License and Secure

A credible mobile casino usually has licenses from organizations such as the Malta Gambling Authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the UK Gambling Commission. For security purposes, check if the site has SSL encryption with a minimum of 128-bit and HTTPS in the URL to make sure your private information is secure.

High RTP
High RTP

Watch out for the percentage of payouts that a mobile casino offers. With the efficiency of the mobile casinos experienced, an excellent mobile casino should have an RTP in the range of 96% – 98%.

Sounds and Graphics
Sounds and Graphics

A good mobile casino should have advanced technology to make the games more appealing to the players. For instance, they should have added game effects to entice players to play for a prolonged period and ensure a more fun environment is visible.

Device Compatibility
Device Compatibility

Because of the variety of devices around, it is essential to look for the ones compatible with new apps as they are developed. This will prevent the player from looking for a new device whenever they wish to sign up for a new game. But, most mobile devices are currently compatible with online casinos.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

The best mobile casino sites will have staff on standby any time of the day to offer support through live chat, email, or toll-free telephone options.

Pay by Mobile Casino Deposits

Mobile online casinos provide various payment options to their players that the Irish players can quickly push to their handheld devices. These include the traditional way of banking, which involves using bank transfers, debit and credit cards, pre-paid methods, and e-wallets, for instance, PaySafeCard, Neteller, and Skrill.

Other payment methods are still prevalent in Irish casinos, so Irish people can still make payments using their handheld devices. Some of these methods include:


Currently, Boku is the most popular payment option. When you deposit money the first time, your mobile number is automatically saved to make it easier for future transactions.  It is simple and widely accepted in Ireland, though it has deposit limits, and the timing of the withdrawals is long.

Pay by Phone

This is where one pays bills on a mobile app such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay. It is simple and safe to use though sometimes payments are only accepted.  But one can trace back any discrepancy that comes with such.


Several Irish online casinos accept to pay for it on their sites due to its simplicity and specific features. However, look out for the deposit and withdrawal restrictions when using this method.

Mobile Casino Security

Another essential thing to factor in a mobile casino is its security and reliability.

  • A good casino should utilize the encryption solutions such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates and HTTPS to keep the player's private and financial information safe and not disclosed to a third party.
  • Two-factor authentication (multi-factor authentication) is a system for verifying the user when depositing or withdrawing money from a casino account. This helps the system ensure that no one is trying to rip you off. 
  • Random number generators are algorithms that guarantee fair and manipulation-free gaming, to ensure absolutely fair play for all players.
  • Mobile casinos also use safe payment processing to keep their players' money safe. Casinos work with high-end payment methods, and also use the phone payment option, which is more secure.

If you choose the best mobile casinos from our list, you can be confident of security and chances to win real money, notwithstanding the time and place. Try them and see what is best for you.

5G for Mobile Casino Gambling

The 5G connectivity is taking no chances toward full integration. Shortly, all smartphone owners will have access to it, and for online casinos — it will be a day made. Much as we may not predict with certainty the turnaround it will come with, below are some of the expectations:

Faster Speeds
Faster Speeds

Nothing beats invention as high speeds. 5G speed is a hundred times faster compared to 4G, which is still a high speed. This means that though the speed will consume more data in casino games, it will be fine-tuned so that the ultra HD graphics balance the loading speeds.

More Live Casino Games
More Live Casino Games

It could be that 5G will meet the vision of online casinos — allowing them to reach their peak. This is because the speed will enhance the loading of more mobile games and bring in more live casinos. This will be an incredible milestone for the live dealer in the casino field.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Another great aspiration is to have 5G working towards a fast-tracked rate of Virtual reality. It will be one of those exciting moments where players will sit with other real players in a live casino using Virtual Reality Technology. It will indeed be a mission accomplished!

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Casinos

Gambling at mobile casinos, just like in any other profession, there are pros and cons experienced. Some of these are:

  • It’s very convenient. Irish players can play their favourite casino games anytime and anyplace with reliable internet
  • Access to special bonuses specifically for handheld devices
  • Compatible with Android and iOS apps
  • The player has access to the full functionality of the casino, such as claiming bonuses and making deposits and withdrawals, from his handheld device
  • The count for loyalty bonuses and wagering requirements is the same as for other devices
  • Not all casinos have apps or improved their platforms to mobile versions
  • Limited choice of casino games on mobile devices
  • Easily access malware when downloading apps
  • Unpredicted availability of internet strength

As time goes on, the mobile casino market is on the increase. And players can now access their favorite games at their convenience. Switch to the mobile casinos today and hold your world in your hands, starting from using an app, enjoying live dealer games, and easily accessing all payment methods. Use our guide to be sure making the right choice of Irish mobile casinos and play responsibly.

With the new technology, the game's developers have made the games friendly such that they consume relatively manageable data levels, depending on the game preference and behaviour.
Absolutely, yes. Mobile casino games require a reliable internet source for continuous flow and the ability to win real money.
Mobile casinos allow you to play your favorite games on your tablet. However, not all of them are available for now.