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Online craps offer a variety of game options for an enriching gaming experience. When playing, prioritize casinos with top software studios, effective customer support, and flexible payment methods. Explore different craps variations and understand various bet types. Practice often, memorize dice combinations, and wisely manage losses for a more enjoyable and potentially profitable experience.

- Various gameplay styles
- Broad platform accessibility
- Rules with a certain complexity
- Practice demos available for skill enhancement

Irish online craps

The Best Craps Sites

Best Online Casinos with Craps

Before registering at online casinos, it’s better to know which site will do it safely. Our team of experts has researched and short-listed some of the top online casinos in Ireland that offer the best craps games.


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Getting to Know Craps

The basic thing that every player needs to know about craps is that it is quite simple and a very basic game. Looking at the table having two dice might often be quite daunting, but players need to remember that the game specifies two people.

Here, is a general guide to the basics of craps:

  • The first and foremost thing a player should do is learn the layout of the craps table.
  • The desired wager should be placed before the ‘come out role’ or the first roll. 
  • Players should then focus on the placement of their chips. 
  • Finally the dice need to be rolled out.
  • The winning bets as well as the ties need to be paid out. Players should know about their odds in the game.

Passline Bet

A passline bet is often defined as the ‘even money bet’ in the craps game. This clearly implies that a player aims for the same amount of money that they bet for. Before the shooter or the player who is rolling the dice makes his first bet, the other players in the game are in preference to make passline bet. Only if the other players get the 7 or 11 in dice, do the other players win the passline. There are other ways to win. 

For example, the don’t passline bet is the opposite of the passline bet. It is quite interesting as in some cases it is deemed as “betting wrong”, which clearly indicates that the ‘pass line bet’ is termed as “betting right”. Players bet for 2, 3, or 12 to get the winning bet.

Different Versions of Casino with Craps

Craps have developed in various categories over time to suit the players’ interests, and enhance the creativity of the game.

Bank Craps
Bank Craps

In general, this is regarded as the original and the first version of the craps. This is mostly found in land-based and online casinos and is accepted by casinos worldwide.

New York Craps
New York Craps

This version of Craps originated from the casinos of New York, from which it gets its name. Betting in combinations is only possible. The combinations of 4,5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, with a house advantage of 5%.

Bastard Craps
Bastard Craps

In case a player secures ‘2, 3, or 12’, or any of the ‘neutral combinations’ from the first throw, players get to win the combination. On getting the combination having 7, the initial draw gets canceled.

Die Rich Casinos
Die Rich Casinos

A single dice is functional, the winning number is regarded as 6, while the rest crap outs are 1. The other variants of the dice are 2, 3, 4, and 5 are definitely points.

The Rules Breakdown

Here is the perfect rule breakdown for playing craps.

The Craps Rules Table
Bets Functionality
Pass This enables the player to expect the roll to be either 11 or 7. The player gets to win immediately. On rolling to other variants like 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the player gains a point roll. For more wins, the player needs to re-roll to gain 7. On rolling to 2, 3, or 12, the bet is completely lost.
Don’t Pass This is exactly the opposite of ‘Pass’. This implies that on rolling 2 and 3, even money can be won. Similarly, a player loses on rolling 7 or 11. On rolling to 12, the player neither loses nor wins, but the bet gets simply returned to the player.
Come Players bet on the ‘shooter’ roll at a 7 or 11 before any of the point numbers. The numbers that are considered as losing are 2,3, and 12. The player loses if rolling the dice gets you a 7 before the ‘come point’ emerges.
Don’t Come This is quite the opposite of ‘Come’. In case the shooter gets to land 2, or 3 before any of the ‘point numbers’ they are regarded as a winner. Hereby, 7, and 11 are regarded as the losing numbers.
Field Bets For this bet, the player needs to roll 2,3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12, along with 2 and 12. The shooter loses if they land any of the remaining numbers.
Any 7 or Any Craps These bets are regarded as ‘single-roll bets’, which indicates that if the winning numbers do not emerge on the bet, the player does not get a second chance.
Big 6 or Big 8 These are similarly two different bets. To win the Big 6, the shooter has to roll a 6, before they get to roll a 7’. To win the Big 8, the player needs to roll an 8, before they roll a 7.

How to Place Online Craps Bets

Here are the steps to be followed while placing a bet.

  1. Find the perfect casino to play craps at. Refer to our list at the beginning of this guide and choose the new casino that best suits your needs
  2. Sign up to start playing. Click on the ‘sign-up’ button on the website to fill up the with the asked personal details, such as name, email id, phone number, address, etc. After the completion of the procedure, players will be directed to a verification procedure.
  3. Place the first deposit. As the account gets completely ready, players can go ahead to make the first deposit. The first deposit varies from one casino to the next. 
  4. Claim for the promotions in the casino. Online craps hold a lot of incentives. This attracts potential customers and is equally beneficial for the casinos. Each of the casinos holds each of its promotions.
  5. Choose the best game and keep playing. As the player has chosen their casino bonus, players can go ahead and have fun.

Craps Strategies & Tips

Listed below are some of the strategies and tips which are essential for performing well in a game of craps.

Avoid investing in any of the ‘side bets’
Avoid investing in any of the ‘side bets’

Side bets indicate the additional bets that are present in the crap table. These are indeed quite lucrative and fun but come with the disadvantage of the high house edge.

Familiarise yourself with the ‘Help And Terms’ section
Familiarise yourself with the ‘Help And Terms’ section

This is an absolute prerequisite before starting a game. A player needs to familiarise themselves with the bet, promotions, house edge, etc. This guides a player better to avoid financial losses.

Familiarise yourself with the terms
Familiarise yourself with the terms

Knowing the terminology before a game begins is very crucial. It is really useful during gameplay. Knowing the terminology also enables the player t process the information quickly.

Ample of practice
Ample of practice

The key to ace in any game is the necessity of paramount practice. It is advisable for new players to opt for demo games on reliable sites before indulging in real money.

Odds of Winning

Listed below are the craps bet types and the winning possibilities associated with each while playing a game of craps.

The Craps Odds Table
Craps Bet House Edge Odds Paid
Pass / Come Bet 1.41% 1:1
Don’t Pass / Don’t Come 1.36% 1:1
Pass Odds / Come Odds 0% 2:1 on 4, 10
3:2 on 5,9
6:5 on 6,8
Don’t Pass Odds / Don’t Come Odds 0% 1:2 against 4,10
2:3 against 5,9
5:6 against 6,8
Field 5.56% 1:1 on 3,4,9,10,11
2:1 on 2,12
Place 6 / Place 8 1.52% 7:6

What's The Probability of Winning at Craps

A player needs to have a fair knowledge of probability and occurrence as they indulge themselves in a game of dice. On following the logic of mathematical probability, a total of 36 outcomes are possible on rolling a total of 2 dice. The occurrence of 7 (7/36) is quite recurring, given that it comes with 6 possible outcomes in the total of 36 possibilities. The least occurring outcome is 2 (2/36), and 12 (12/36). While finding out the odds of winning a pass line on the very first roll, the player needs to ponder about landing 7, or 11. The chances of gaining it are around 8 out of the total of 36 times (8/36). The risk of losing out on the best is deemed as 2, 3, and 12, which yields 4 out of 36 total outcomes. 

Hence, the probability of the come-out roll is double losing it. The probability of winning pass-line bets is 8 in a total of 36 times (8/36). As the game proceeds the odds keep on changing. At any point, if the player manages to establish themselves, the possibility of rolling to that point gets smaller till 7. Hence, the possibility of landing 4 before 7 is reduced to 1 – 2 times.

Craps Terms

  • Aces: when players bet if the next roll will be a total sum of 2. This is also called Snake Eyes
  • Any Craps: when players bet if the next roll will be a 2, 3, or 12
  • Any Seven: when players bet if the next roll will be a 7
  • Big Red: this is just another term for Any Seven. Players however don’t use the word Seven at the table
  • Bones: just another name for the dice
  • Boxcars/Midnight: this is slang for 12. Players also call it the Midnight
  • Box Numbers: the range of 4-6, and 8-10 to place bet numbers
  • Come bet: when players make a bet after the point is established. This is very similar to Pass Line Bet.
  • Come-out roll: the first roll of a dice to establish a point
  • Hi-Lo-Yo: a one-roll bet on the numbers 2, 12, and 11
  • Seven Out: this is just an expression when the shooter rolls a seven before making their point, therefore losing the pass bet.
  • Iron Cross:  when the player covers and rolls for all numbers possible except the 7

Who Are Today’s Craps Players

The "sophisticated" craps player

These players are often described as the ones with chic and glorious appearances. They put up airs of elitism, and "sophistication" to the games. Professionals and critics regard them as quite “formidable”, even if they wear a calm impression.

The "passionate" craps player

These pliers are truly devoted to the game and play to seek "pleasure" and "satisfaction". They are very adept at the ways of the game. Critics regard this category of players as making the game enjoyable and fun.

The "trickster"

These players have a particular motto to win the game, no matter what happens. They play Craps since they are familiar with the "predictive" aspects of the game. They have a clear knowledge of probability and know the house advantage quite well.


My findings show that craps is a very simple but very addictive game. However, even in a simple game, knowledge of technique and strategy is necessary to have fun. Knowing the probabilities is another important aspect that a player should pay attention to before starting to play. Hopefully, this guide can help you decide which fastest withdrawal online casino to play craps at, as well as learn about strategy and rules.

Players regard the live casino games as offering quite good stakes in comparison to the other forms, such as the ‘instant-casino play’. Most leading providers and reputed casinos offer craps variations that offer diverse high and low-stake craps.
Craps are regarded as one of the casino games having a large house edge. But, some of the variants have a low house edge, like the pass line bet has a house edge of 1.41%.
Payouts in craps are dependable on the casino that the player chooses while they place their bet. Some of the best winning craps payouts include the pass line, come bet, don’t pass line, and don’t come bet, since their payouts are calculated as 1:1. One-roll bets and hard ways to fetch high payouts. Payouts will depend on the casino, its bonus offerings, wagering requirements, and withdrawal clauses.