Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

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Progressive slots online present higher jackpots and their values increase until won. Six types exist, including hot drops jackpots that assure periodic winnings. Winning odds depend on slot specifics. Upon winning, casinos verify transactions. Land-based casinos celebrate winners differently. Eligibility for jackpots requires certain betting conditions. Differences exist between progressive and non-progressive jackpots. Fair RNG systems are employed in progressive slots.

- Progressive slots offer higher jackpots
- Increases until the player wins
- There are six basic types
- Winning odds depend on the slot and reels

Irish Progressive Jackpot Slots

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Best Online Casinos with Progressive Jackpots

Before entering the guide fully, we want to introduce the best casinos for slots. We have vetted each one to ensure that it meets the highest standards for players in Ireland.


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What Are Progressive Jackpot Games

Online progressive slots are casino games that give players higher jackpots than regular slot machines. It is a grand payout that increases during the game before a player hits the mega jackpot. However, when the player hits the chance to win, jackpot resets until the player wins again.

Most progressive jackpot games are available on land-based casinos. In the same vein, online casinos also offer these slots. As a player, you should know that a portion of each bet is added to the jackpot.

Progressive slots are considered the slot equivalent of lottery games. To know if the game you’re playing online includes a progressive jackpot, check the jackpot meter or ticker, depending on the casino.

Types of Best Progressive Jackpot Slot games

There are six main types of progressive jackpots to look out for. However, most players do not get to experience more than two of them in new online casinos. The types include:

Basic Progressives
Basic Progressives

This type is reserved for a single machine in a casino. It is not tied or linked to any other slot machine. It also is not part of a network in the casino.

Random Progressives
Random Progressives

The random progressive jackpot has a small random payout based on the kind of gameplay. It could be minor progressive, mysterious progressive, or major progressive slots. In the former, you get fewer progressive jackpot payouts frequently while the latter is large amounts irregularly.

Multi-Level Progressives
Multi-Level Progressives

This is a jackpot that is linked to several other casinos. It cuts across dozens of casinos and offers huge payouts.

Linked Progressives
Linked Progressives

This type is between the wide area and stand-alone progressives. Only a few machines are linked to a network. Also, they are restricted to a particular number in each casino.

Local Progressives
Local Progressives

The local progressive jackpots are also called in-house jackpots because they are grouped between different machines in a casino setting. These machines may be on one floor but in an online casino, they could be linked across different games.

Wide-Area Progressives
Wide-Area Progressives

This type involves a network of machines and each one is connected. After each bet, the jackpot increases. It is available online as well as in land-based casinos. However, it is more common in land-based options.

Hot Drops and Hourly Drops Jackpots

Recently, hot drops jackpots have become more popular. They are slot games with randomized jackpots. Also, this jackpot payout guarantees winnings at intervals. For example, hourly jackpots drop before each hour ends. It could drop before the day ends if it is a daily jackpot. Lastly, the super jackpots always hit before it reaches the prize values it is set for.

Why are hot drops great? Well, for one, they increase your chances of winning. For instance, in the daily jackpot, you need to continue playing until the end of the day if you haven't hit yet. If you fail to continue, the next player will win the jackpot.

A random number generator activates the jackpots. Since it isn't connected to the software, it can hit at any time. The best part is that it does not require specific symbols, you can just play and still hit the jackpot. However, not all casinos have them.

The Chances of Winning a Progressive Game

Your winning chances while playing progressive slots depend primarily on the slot. However, there are a few ways to know your odds of winning a progressives. Firstly, check the reels to see how many the game has. The number of symbols on each reel also matters. Also, you need to understand how you can activate the progressive jackpot. Once you confirm which one it is, you can play accordingly.

It is important to note that the progressive slot jackpot is randomly generated. However, if you understand the factors above, you could be closer to winning.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot Slot

It could be exhilarating to win a progressive slots and jackpot. But most people do not know what to expect when they win. The process takes a few stages, and we’ll discuss them here.

Step 1

First, the casino will run checks to verify the transaction. They use their software for this to ensure that there is no foul play and that you didn’t find a way to trick the system. This is rare but not impossible, so the tests are essential.

Step 2

After that, the casino will send a representative to contact you. This representative will inform you of your options. You can choose to collect a lump sum or in installments. This helps winners manage their funds better.

Step 3

Whatever you choose, the casino will allow you to decide if you want to be anonymous. This protects your identity from thieves and criminals. However, you can choose to reveal your details if you prefer.

Step 4

The final step is the agreement. Depending on the terms, both parties will sign an agreement on advertisements and more.

Progressive Jackpot Win at Land-Based Casino

The process of winning a jackpot is slightly different in land-based casinos. However, your reaction will likely be similar.

Step 1

The slot machine will be the first to notify you of your winnings. It will display the word “jackpot” on the screen as it makes loud noises.

Step 2

Passerbys why know you won the jackpot, and the casino will send an employee to congratulate you officially. This congratulatory message may come with a confetti shower or a bottle of champagne. It mostly depends on how much you have won and the casino itself.

Step 3

After the fanfare, the casino will begin its verification process. It is quicker here since the machine is open to the public. Employees simply check the setting and the camera records of that moment.

Step 4

The casino’s representative will invite you to discuss your preferred payment option when the verification process is done. You can opt for a lump sum or installment payment like the online payment. You can also sign off the rights to use your image for an advertisement. This could mean awarding you a giant check and taking pictures for their website.

Maximum Betting and T&Cs of Online Progressive Jackpot

The terms and conditions vary in progressive jackpots. For one, the jackpot is gotten from a contribution of a percentage of all bets. This implies that up to 4% of each bet may be added to a shared jackpot. One crucial requirement to win a jackpot is to play only real money games.

In other cases, you may need to set your bet at the maximum to qualify. In other circumstances, you may be able to activate the jackpot without wagering too much. Your best bet is to wager more to get more tickets to the grand prize.

Not all progressive jackpots end in a win. Some may end in a loss if you do not meet some terms and conditions. For example, if there is a bonus game, you must win the game to claim the prize. This is why it is essential to check the terms of each progressive jackpot to ensure that you’re doing the right thing.

Another common term is that the payout is not instant. It is also important to note that you can be restricted from accessing all your funds if you receive them in your casino account. It is better to receive it with a bank transfer. This may take longer, but it is worth it in the long run.

There are several differences between regular and progressive jackpots. For one, the former comes with a simpler design as well as fixed payment amounts. Here are some top differences you can expect to see.

Progressive Jackpots

  • They feature a diverse fast payout option
  • Only a handful of games include it
  • Players stand the chance of winning huge cash prizes

Non-Progressive Jackpots

  • They only have fixed amounts
  • All gambling games offer it
  • The cash prize is limited in this type

How to Progressive Jackpots Work

Progressive jackpot slots use random number generators (RNGs). This machine uses an algorithm that sends information after the reels spin. It determines where the wheel will stop. While playing progressive jackpot slots, users win when they land matching symbols on horizontal paylines.

The progressive jackpot also uses this RNG system. Why is an RNG system best for this purpose? Well, slot developers prefer them because they are fair. Also, the RNG is tested from time to time by independent regulators to ensure it is fair. They pass through a rigorous testing process and get approval after the audit.

Note that only licensed online casinos can be trusted with their RNG. Such casino is regulated and this includes testing the games for fairness. As mentioned earlier, the test is independent so the casino cannot influence it in any way.

Testing is not a one-time affair as most online casinos audit their games regularly. This ensures that games remain fair. To be sure that the RNG system is fair in your progressive slot game, register at only licensed casinos.

You can start with the online casinos in Ireland we selected earlier.

Top 10 Biggest Jackpot Wins

There have been some impressive largest progressive jackpot wins in history. We have compiled the most iconic wins below.

Progressive Slot Wins Table
Game Manufacturer Casino Date Won Prize Amount
🎰 Megabucks IGT ⭐ Excalibur 📅 03/24/2003 🎁 $39,713,982.25
🎰 Megabucks IGT ⭐ Desert Inn 📅 01/26/2000 🎁 $34,955,489.56
🎰 Megabucks IGT ⭐ Palace Station 📅 11/15/1998 🎁 $27,580,879.60
🎰 Megabucks IGT ⭐ Bally’s 📅 03/27/2002 🎁 $22,618,156.67
🎰 Megabucks IGT ⭐ Cannery Casino and Hotel 📅 09/15/2005 🎁 $21,147,947
🎰 Mega Moolah Microgaming ⭐ Zodiac Casino 📅 01/30/2019 🎁 $20,057,734
🎰 Mega Moolah Microgaming ⭐ Grand Mondial 📅 09/28/2018 🎁 €18,915,721
🎰 Mega Fortune NetEnt ⭐ Paf Casino 📅 01/20/2013 🎁 €17,860,868
🎰 Mega Moolah Microgaming ⭐ Lucky Casino 📅 08/17/2020 🎁 €14,679,069
🎰 Mega Moolah Microgaming ⭐ Betway 📅 10/06/2015 🎁 £13,212,882

Comparison Mobile & Desktop Progressive Slots Online

You can play progressive slots on both desktop and mobile devices. It works on Android and iOS platforms if you prefer to use a mobile phone. However, some players may wonder which operating system is best for playing progressive slots. The table below will compare all the options here.

Mobile VS Desktop Progressive Slots Table
📱 Mobile 💻 Desktop
Download requirement ❌ No ❌ No
Convenience You can play on the go You can also play on the go
(as long as you can plug in your system)
Layout Adaptive Landscape
Graphics, controls and functions Same Same
Instant play mode ✅ Yes (HTML5) ✅ Yes (HTML5)
Available OS iOS, Android, Windows Windows, iOS
Number of games Decent number Extensive games
Jackpot size Same Same
Free Play version ✅ Available ✅ Available

Tips to Win Progressive Slot Machines

The top tips to follow to win progressive slot machines include the following.

  • Learn about high and low online progressive jackpots: don’t just focus on only the high progressive jackpots. The lower jackpots are more likely to payout. 
  • Learn the rules: most casinos have unique requirements for their progressive slots. Be sure to check all the requirements before playing. 
  • Play in demo mode first: this will allow you to master how the game works before investing real money. 
  • Check when the jackpot hits: it is impossible to know the exact time, but you can get close if you research thoroughly. 
  • Don’t use bonus cash: most casinos have strict rules regarding bonuses. You may be unable to use it to win a progressive slot machine game.

Playing a progressive jackpot slot in Ireland increase your potential winnings and have become quite popular lately. As tests have shown, you can play progressive slots on mobile or desktop, giving you the same winning potential, but always check the terms and conditions of progressive slots to make the most of your opportunities. This guide presents the best progressive slots in Ireland. You can always check our list if you are looking for progressive online slots.

It is unlikely that you will win a progressive slot with a single spin. This is because most online casinos require players to wager heavily before they can trigger the progressive jackpot.
Unfortunately, you cannot use a free spin for progressive slots. Most free spins come with wagering requirements, and it’s unlikely that progressive jackpot slots will be a part of this requirement.
Yes, you can get a no-deposit bonus on jackpot slots. However, there is no guarantee that you can win a jackpot with this. You need to wager more to increase your chances.