High Roller Casinos

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If you’re a high roller, it may be difficult to find a suitable casino in Ireland. Most online casinos have limits for wagers and this may hinder your fun if you have the funds to splurge. Finding casino with high-roller will make it easier to deposit as much as you want.

How can you find casino with high-roller in Ireland? This guide will highlight the top high-stakes casino list to help you choose the most suitable one. It will also highlight other things you should know before choosing casino.

The Best Casinos

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High Stakes Casino

In high-roller online casinos, you can wager at the maximum stakes. It is for those who do not spend money hesitantly. High-limit slots and extremely high betting limits like maximum withdrawal amounts and progressive jackpot slots are available. Here is a list of the high-stakes casinos in Ireland:

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up to €2,000

+100 Free Spins

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225% up to €2,000

+100 Free Spins

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up to $ 2,000

+50 Free Spins

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up to $ 2,000

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up to NZ$ 1,500

+150 Free Spins

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up to $1,500

+100 Free Spins

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100% up to €500

+200 Free Spins

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45% Cashback

+30 Free Spins

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400% up to €2,000

+120 Free Spins

Advantages To Become a High Roller

Being a high roller or VIP at a reputable online casino has several fascinating advantages and rewards. You may wish to become a high roller at a casino after you learn about the rewards that these VIPs receive.

Private VIP host and casino team
Private VIP host and casino team

A committed and skilled crew is always available to high rollers and VIPs. Specific members get access to special phone numbers for a host and casino staff that can meet any unique requirements. This goes beyond ordinary customer service.

Private tournaments and events
Private tournaments and events

High rollers and VIPs have exclusive access to private tournaments with real money cash prizes. It’s free to the player and the chance of winning is much higher due to the small number of participants. This is part of the casino's gratitude for players choosing their online casino.

Enhanced banking
Enhanced banking

Another advantage of being a high roller VIP is the ability to negotiate higher withdrawal and deposit limits. Working with your casino team and host, who can get you exactly what you need, allows you to customize these limits.

Higher limits at the table
Higher limits at the table

Tables that suit VIPs' preferences and interests to enjoy higher limits are available. To keep the games exciting and competitive, several websites offer tables open to players who bet within a specific range only.

More cash back
More cash back

VIPs get access to bigger cash-back bonus sums on a weekly or monthly basis than normal members do. This is different from the standard cash-back bonus system regular players enjoy.

Personal VIP manager
Personal VIP manager

Casino account assistance is provided by bankroll managers to players. Large sums of money are used by casino gamblers. The cost of goods and services and promotions given are tracked by a management or accountant.

Which Players are Called "High Rollers" by the Casino?

The term “high rollers” may vary from one platform to another because every casino is unique. High rollers are generally lucky players with a big bankroll. It could be because they already have funds or got a lucky spin. High rollers are often regarded as patrons who not only have a considerable sum of money on deposit but also wager.

Some important criteria that casinos use to select their high-stakes players include the following:

  • amount wagered
  • payout amount
  • the behavior of the player
  • casino account seniority
  • games played

Loyalty Rewards at Casinos with High-Roller

Being a high roller has several benefits, for one, most casinos automatically add high depositors to their loyalty rewards club. This gives you access to a wide range of additional incentives such as private VIP managers, unique VIP promotions, and so on. A point system is typically used to reward loyalty or VIP club members. You can also benefit from joining VIP tournaments for high rollers.

Aside from the loyalty rewards, high rollers also get special bonuses. Some common bonuses available to them include cashback, exclusive match bonuses, and welcome packages. In most casinos, you need to deposit a large sum to benefit from these packages.

High Roller Bonus Terms & Conditions

A high roller bonus is a special bonus for VIP players. These players deposit lots of funds to play their favorite games. Different bonus payments apply to casino with high-roller players compared to ordinary casino patrons. These bonuses come with distinct terms and conditions as well, and you need to read carefully about wagering requirements before claiming the high roller bonus. 

The final step is to determine the time frame for fulfilling the wagering criteria and the duration of the bonus. You should be aware of any codes that can help high rollers receive bonuses concurrently. This is because not all casinos will automatically award them.

High Roller Bonus VS Standard Bonus

The primary distinction between a high roller bonus and a regular bonus at an online casino is how much money a high roller will win. Compared to regular bonuses, high roller bonuses are more generous. To increase their chances of winning, high rollers must buy additional chips. The high roller makes more money because the chances of winning are so high.

Crypto Bonus

100% up to ₿1.5 + 100FS

no code required
Welcome Bonus

100% up to €500 + 200 FS

no code required

15% up to €3,000

no code required
Crypto Bonus

15% Cashback in Crypto

no code required
Free Spins

20 Free Spins

Bonus code: MX20
Free Spins

20 Free Spins

Bonus code: CALENDAR20
Welcome Bonus

60% up to AU$ 150

no code required
Welcome Bonus

Highroller Welcome Bonus up to AU$ 4,500

no code required
Welcome Bonus

100% up to €100 + 100 FS

no code required

Pros and Cons of High Roller

As there are numerous benefits for players in casinos like high roller bonus offers, there are disadvantages as well. Find mentioned below some more pros and cons also:


Special bonus offers
Special bonus offers

Online casinos encourage all players, regardless of bankroll size, with a welcome bonus. However, after you gain a reputation as a high roller, various exclusive bonuses become available to you. In most instances, these promotions can be activated without the use of a high roller bonus code.

Exclusive tournament access
Exclusive tournament access

VIPs and big rollers enjoy exclusive access to private tournaments with cash prizes. These competitions typically have no entry fees and provide noticeably improved winning chances. Players can enjoy weekly or monthly cash-back incentives with higher percentages in addition to matches.

Higher withdrawal limits
Higher withdrawal limits

Getting better withdrawal and deposit limits is one of the advantages of being a high roller VIP. Depending on their tastes and interests, VIPs may sit at tables with higher limits. Additionally, some websites include tables that are only accessible to users betting within a specific limit, which keeps the games entertaining.

Preferential support treatment
Preferential support treatment

Casinos realize that big rollers require the quickest responses and assistance if they are to stay as devoted patrons. As a result, these platforms may give each high roller a personal support representative or provide immediate answers to any questions.



Although there are secure and legitimate casinos with high-roller, finding one can be difficult.

Best Casino Games for High Rollers

There are a few games for high rollers to try out. They make high rollers enjoy the perks of their status. Let's consider some of the options below:


The increased betting limits are the key distinction between the high roller and ordinary roulette games. While being aware of the risks involved in playing this type of game, you can also learn of its special features below:

  • Stakes vary between $1,000 and $75,000
  • There is only one player at private tables
  • Players have a choice of special bets open to them
  • There are always VIP room managers on hand
  • Game speed is controllable by the players
  • Players can select their dealer


With a house edge as low as 2%, this well-liked casino game is well-known for offering excellent odds for players. And by adopting a sound plan and the best play, this can be reduced even further. Its features include:

  • The stakes may be as high as $1,000 or $2,000
  • There are only a few people who can reserve private tables and areas
  • Increased cashback amounts
  • Each round can have multiple hands played
  • Players can select the dealer
  • Private VIP hosts and staff are available on call


This particular game is a high-roller favorite and serves the purpose well. The return to player is 98.7%, while the house edge is just between 1% and 3%.

Due to its history and representation in popular culture and the media, it also has the reputation of being an elite-only game. You can find features for this game type below:

  • $50 to $100,000 is the range of stakes
  • There is only one player at private tables
  • Players can launch the game using the "Deal Now" button
  • Rounds of free hand
  • The dealer may be chosen by the players
  • Reshuffle requests can be made at any moment by players
  • There are always VIP room managers on hand


Slots are both fun to play and easy to learn. You simply need to choose the game, place a bed, and spin. The reels often have a combination of symbols and hitting some combinations can land you a win. Slots are also randomly generated so you have a chance to win. The following are its features:

  • Receptive to mobile
  • Increasing jackpot
  • A lot of bonuses are available
  • Special setup and gameplay
  • 25 paylines and 5 reels
  • Various levels

Other Games

The games with larger limits will undoubtedly be the most enjoyable for VIPs or high rollers to play. However, there are many more types of games online casinos offer players aside from the above-mentioned options. A few of them include:

  • Craps
  • Hazard
  • Sic Bo
  • Poker

High Stakes Land Casinos VS High Roller Online

Online casinos may be making enormous strides and gaining popularity but there is still much to be appreciated from land-based casinos. Here are some comparisons to help you decide which is best for high staking VIPs.

Land Casinos Reward

  • Free accommodation in the casino's hotel
  • Free limo service to and from the casino, if required
  • Personal host and staff at the casino
  • Complementary meals and drinks
  • 0.2% to 0.3% cash back rate

Online Casinos Reward

  • Increased bonus wagering requirements
  • As you go through the program, loyalty points are worth more
  • Personal account managers
  • Unique loyalty bonuses (free spins, reloads, etc.)
  • Private event and tournament invitations

Security and Regulation

Casino with high-roller for Ireland must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Some casinos go the extra mile to get a license from the Malta Gambling Authority. This way, users can be sure that all games are fair, and in case of big winning, the player will get his money.

Also, the casino will be required to follow a "Know Your Customer" policy to protect gamblers against fraud and money laundering.

The casino must also ensure that it implements an SSL certificate technology on its website and have ‘HTTPS’ in the URL to keep your data safe from third parties.

Methods for quick and simple deposits and withdrawals are essential for casino game players. Casinos with high-roller often provide several deposit and withdrawal options for users. However, you need to consider various factors before choosing one. While some are instant, others may take time to reflect and this can affect your experience.

The most popular payment options at online casinos are described below:

Debit and Credit Cards

At online casinos, you can make payments using a credit or debit card. You must, however, examine which card is compatible with each website. Using money from their bank accounts, players can use this card to fund their casino accounts.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Proven to be the best option for Irish gamblers is cryptocurrency. Gamblers can transact without giving their personal information by using virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are often the slowest and will charge a transfer fee. This is usually the case with this payment option and especially if you are sending to or from abroad.

Maximum Payout Limits For High Limit Casinos

While the winnings you earn in an online casino are yours, there may be some restrictions on how much you can take at a time. Some online casinos set maximum payouts and withdrawal restrictions to prevent you from collecting all your winnings at a stretch. You should think about an operator's maximum casino bets and maximum withdrawal limits. 

To achieve this, keep in mind to review the T&C of the casinos' sites to know those who don't attempt to limit high-roller gamers in any way. Usually, the average withdrawal amount from online casinos is 20k-50k euros per month. There are also casinos without withdrawal limits, but it's relatively rare.

Tips For Playing at Casinos with High-Roller

There is no secret to winning at any high roller casino. This is because every game there is run by a random number generator that prioritizes luck over skill. However, when playing, ideal tactics can be used. You need to pick a good strategy while playing blackjack, for example, and a risk-spreading staking plan at the roulette table.

  • One of the most important things to always keep in mind is why you are playing in the first place — it’s to have fun!
  • Don't forget to budget properly while playing at casinos. High rollers succeed because they budget accordingly.
  • Also, high rollers need to track their games. If you do not track the patterns, you may keep losing. Tracking helps you to rectify the problem quickly.
  • Remember, emotions can affect the game’s outcome. So you need to be in full control of your emotions to think clearly while playing.
  • Staking more money enables you to reach standard game wins and jackpots to maximize your return from gambling. This is not for all players but more importantly, you must remember to stake only what you can afford to lose. Despite how much you are willing to lose, you should always gamble responsibly.

Top 3 Famous High Rollers in History

Here are a few of history's most well-known high-stakes gamblers to highlight what we mean by "big-win players":

The Sultan of Brunei

This sultan is arguably best known for his enormous car collection and his bold bets. In a single day, he made a bet which surpassed $ 1 million. He is one of the richest men and maybe the greatest high roller.

Archie Karas

A renowned gambler who broke the upper limits by turning a $50 bet into a whopping $40 million. His winning streak ended after two years of playing cards and Baccarat when he lost most of his fortune in casino offers.

Kerry Packer

The Australian billionaire is known for regularly betting almost $500,000 on a single hand in blackjack, and once he bet over $25 million on several roulette tables at once, which he subsequently lost.


As you can see, casinos with high-roller have a wide selection of top-notch games, legitimate licenses, and great incentives. Players have the potential to advance through the rankings and eventually become high rollers. New players are allowed to place large bets, claim bonuses, participate often, and adhere to all rules, including bonus wagering requirements. Players can have the best experiences gambling online in a trustworthy casino with the best offers. We hope this guide and the list we provided were helpful to our readers in finding the best casinos in Ireland.

A high roller is a player who is willing to spend a lot of money on casino games. They are players who deposit more than $500 at a stretch and wager heavily on different games.
This means a player who can deposit a lot of money at an online casino and frequently make bigger bets over months/years. In addition to seeking bigger victories, he can afford to absorb more losses than the ordinary player.
Being a high roller VIP at a reputable online casino has its benefits. For example, VIPs are allowed to negotiate specific betting limits with the aid of a private casino host and staff. While most casinos have limits, high rollers can choose their limits. This, however, depends on the casino itself.