PayPal Adopts Gamban as a Means to Prevent Gambling Transactions

PayPal Adopts Gamban as a Means to Prevent Gambling Transactions

PayPal is actively working to prevent its payment processing platform from being used by problem gamblers. The company has recently integrated Gamban, a third-party software product, to block the movement of money associated with internet gambling.

How Gamban Functions for PayPal Users

Gamban, owned by PayPal, utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and block gambling sites that employ wagering strategies. Research-based on keywords and detection of IP addresses effectively blocks access to gambling websites.

Once users install Gamban, it automatically blocks new online casinos and gambling platforms. It also provides customizable features which enable users to choose specific websites they wish to block. 

Moreover, Gamban provides an online feature for tracking expenses focused on gambling. On Android or iOS devices, Gamban ensures a digital space free of gambling interferences by hiding them from the user and blocking access.

How Do I Obtain Gamban for Myself?

Obtaining Gamban is currently possible in multiple locations. Users can freely download the app from Android and iOS app stores.

Gamban is available with affordable subscription plans for users.  To fully prevent smartphones and other mobile devices from being used to gamble, Gamban offers full functionality for a monthly fee of €3.49 or a discounted rate of €2.92 per month for yearly subscriptions.

What Made PayPal Provide Gamban as a Solution?

The introduction of Gamban by PayPal came as a response to the retaliation the company went through in 2019 regarding its poor attention to gambling problems online. Addressing this criticism, PayPal has taken steps to enhance customer security through Gamban and ensure responsible gambling practices.

While PayPal is widely accepted by legal online casino sites, it prohibits payments for wagers, gambling debts, and gambling winnings unless the merchant has been approved by PayPal. In case of violations, PayPal has the authority to block a user's account.

How has Gamban affected its users?

Gamban has had a positive impact on its users in multiple ways.

  • Gamban assists users with self-exclusion by allowing them to block specific gambling websites.
  • Users can control their spending and eliminate casino-related pop-ups, marketing materials, advertisements, and URLs.
  • Gamban provides a more focused and gambling-free experience across all devices.

Gamban has and will continue to allow PayPal users to maintain a more focused and responsible approach to their financial activities across all their devices.


PayPal's adoption of Gamban as a means to prevent fast gambling transactions showcases its commitment to responsible financial practices. By utilizing artificial intelligence and customizable features, Gamban effectively blocks access to gambling websites, ensuring a gambling-free digital space for users. Its availability in various locations, its affordable pricing options, and the positive impact it has provided to its users further reinforce its value.

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